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AWRAQ’s Asset Management Group professionals are dedicated to develop customized and optimal investment strategies for both individuals and institutions


Corporate Finance

The corporate finance consists of experienced and credentialed financial experts that strive to offer the highest quality of services that are tailored for the client’s needs.

Our services includes –but are not limited to – Business Valuation, Buy and Sell Side Advisory, Transaction Support, Feasibility Studies, Business Plans, and Structuring Advisory.


Advisory Services & Innovative Investment Products

In an ever changing economic landscape, investors are regularly facing investment opportunities that require quick decision making, decisively and accurately. As a leader in financial advisory, Awraq Investments offers advisory services to clients through every part of the business life cycle and any type of market condition.

Awraq Investments strongly believe that by employing all of our resources and solid knowledge, we are able to offer our clients optimal financial/investment solutions from around the globe.


Discretionary Portfolio Management

The Portfolio Management team caters to the needs of high net worth individuals and institutional investors by managing and monitoring their investment portfolios. The portfolio managers focus on developing optimal asset allocation strategies for our clients as well as preparing and managing investment portfolios while adopting a risk and return optimizing framework.